Transcription Terminator Predictions

TransTermHP finds rho-independent transcription terminators in bacterial genomes. Each terminator found by the program is assigned a confidence value that estimates its probability of being a true terminator. TransTermHP is described in:

Carl Kingsford, Kunmi Ayanbule, and Steven Salzberg. Rapid, accurate, computational discovery of Rho-independent transcription terminators illuminates their relationship to DNA uptake. Genome Biology 8:R22 (2007).
A predecessor system, TransTerm, that used very different search and scoring algorithms is described in:

Maria D. Ermolaeva, Hanif G. Khalak, Owen White, Hamilton O. Smith and Steven L. Salzberg. Prediction of Transcription Terminators in Bacterial Genomes. J Mol Biol 301, (1), 27-33 (2000)


Some features of TransTermHP include:
  • Fast due to new dynamic programming algorithm (a typical genome takes < 1 min)
  • New, accurate scoring scheme
  • Informative output
  • Reads gene annotations from either a simple list or .ptt files
  • Handling of overlapping genes & terminators
  • General handling of gaps in terminator hairpins
  • Fully in C++

Download TransTermHP

Source code for version 2.09 (updated Feb 28, 2011) can be downloaded here. This version has been tested on Linux, but should compile on most UNIX-like systems using GCC. See the included USAGE.txt file for how to use TransTermHP.

Current Predictions

Last Update : April, 2015. The database now contains 2773 genomes.
To download predictions by organism, visit the Download Predictions tab. To search predicted terminators, visit the Search Terminators tab.

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